Marisela B.
I lost my Green Cheek Conure Rosie tragically. Our pet dog had killed her, unfortunately she was in bad condition so I was unsure if Allen could capture her image and beauty in the memoir frame we requested. When we arrived it was so difficult to say goodbye. But Allen was very compassionate toward our loss. He has a wide selection of urns to out her cremated remains as well as creative options like necklaces to carry a part of her remains. My boyfriend and I decided on a wooden urn/box that comes with an insert for her picture. When we got Rosie back I couldn’t stop crying because the frame looked just like her. It was like seeing my Rosie again. They had her feet prints on a clay made rock and her feathers laid out beautifully. We even got a death certificate! Allen at Compassionate cremation made our goodbye to Rosie less hurtful and we truly appreciate your services. Thank you Allen!

Marcie B.

Allen and Elizabeth (and the gentleman who works in back) are all kind and compassionate people. I called them when I lost my old boy, Chip, who was 17 – very old for a Lab.

I decided I’d take my dog to them, rather than leaving him at the hospital to be picked up later. When I called to tell them I was on my way, Allen urged me to pull over if I started to feel overwhelmed.

Elizabeth was waiting for me and gave me a hug when she saw how devastated I felt. She guided me through the choices and showed me the metal tag that would accompany Chip so I would be sure to receive the correct remains. Since I was only in town visiting, they arranged for him to be ready quickly – a gesture I really appreciate. I also love the framed paw print with locks of his hair.

Saying goodbye is so hard and this is the second dog I lost in as many months. Knowing it was coming soon didn’t lessen the pain, but the care and compassion we were given helped. I definitely recommend Compassionate Pet Cremation when the need arises.

Lilly G.

I lost my 2.5 year old pug to a poisoning.

I was absolutely devastated.

Our vets office recommended Compassionate Pet Cremation and I am I glad my little girl was taken care of by Allen.

Thank you for giving me a part of my beloved pet I can keep until I meet her again. I would recommend everyone to use their services if you lose your furry family members.

Thank you so much for taking care of Molly.

Stacey B

A beautiful glass heart with a swirl of the ashes of TWO of my furbabies who were taken care of by Compassionate Pet Cremation.

Melissa S.

This place has been a complete blessing to us not just once but twice. We lost our Molly 2 years ago and just last week we lost our Ruby. Both times were so tough since they were our family members. I remember when i was asked if I would like back the remains of my pet, although distraught at the time I’m so glad I said yes! When the Vet contacted us just a short week later to my surprise this bag of items {with my pets ashes} actually brought me a sense of comfort. I thought I would have been so sad and depressed seeing my pet this way but the care and compassion that went into what this business does brings you a sense of closure. I’m sure every experience is different and as it should be…. I was just surprised by my reaction being so sensitive and so in love with both my pets that seeing them both in a box of ashes would make me extremely heavy in my heart BUT it did just the opposite. I had a sense of peace. They added a paw print of my pet and locks of their fur! COME ON, I was in tears but I would have never thought to have these things and the sense of happiness it would bring to actually hold their sculpted paw or touch their tiny locks of fur is something you can keep forever. With the beautiufl set-you also get a rainbow bridge card with signature from the company. Overall, this was such a feel good experience from what was the hardest thing i ever had to go through. I felt uplifted and grateful for Compassionate Pet Cremation. Thank You!

Ginger B.

Our baby Luna’s memorial …. They helped me and my husband pick out the perfect urn… Thanks again Allen staff

Albert F.

Allen was so very friendly and compassionate. I wasn’t expecting the plaque with the paw print at all, I am truly grateful.

Miranda L.

Compassionate Pet Cremation is by far the best place I have ever been to for my pets they make you feel like family are very loving, caring, trusting and professional. I have had 3 of my babies cremated here and will not go anywhere else they also give you a gift with your babies paw print and hair in it. I recommend them to anyone going through this hard time they are amazing

Chelsea P.

So compassionate! I lost my japanese chin and it was so hard on me and I had called other places and even though I was crying while talking to them, they sounded like robots and I understand they hear this bad news all the time but really you can be a little more considerate. Right away when I called Compassionate Pet Cremation she was right away sympathetic and sincere. I asked if they could pick up and she was honest and said they prefer us to come down so we could see how they were. That made me feel a lot better. When I showed up they were very quick to open the door and greet me and even hugged me. The price was very affordable and we even got a free gift. I have three other dogs and God forbid something happens I will take them here. MOST COMPASSIONATE PLACE EVER!!