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Recently some of the pet owners that brought their pet to us have been telling me interesting stories – when ( after their pet had been euthanized ) they wanted to leave to come to us, they were told that they were NOT ALLOWED to take their pet! That they had to use the hospital’s company Because the hospital has “a contract” – well, that is the Hospital’s decision but it does not obligate you to use their service!

Some folks said they were “delicately” pushed, others – almost BULLIED!

The FACT is — NOBODY can tell you what to do with YOUR loved one, your PET ! you may take your pet to any crematorium of your choice !!!

Since 2005…

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"Compassionate Pet Cremation Owner, Allen Silberstein"

Our Services

Cremation Options:

(1) Individual cremation with tracking
(2) Viewing cremation

Individual Cremation
The fee for the cremation service is determined by the weight of your pet.

Pricing by weight listed under services tab.

Our service includes: a complementary container, 3D paw print mounted with a lock of hair in a frame and certificate of cremation.

To ensure that each owner gets their pet back to them we use a tracking system that is used by many human crematoriums. Your pet is assigned a stainless steel tag with a number stamped in it. That tag and your pet are cremated together individually on premises (we do not send your pet to some other location). This system helps us make sure that your pet is returned to you.

You are welcome to pre-visit our facility at any time during business hours, to make sure that you are comfortable with your pet being cremated by us when the time comes. During your visit you may also want to see our large display of urns.

We service the Las Vegas Valley, Henderson and Boulder City, Nevada.

You may bring your pet to the facility directly or we can pick your pet up from any veterinary clinic you choose in this area. (Please arrange with us directly ahead of time if you choose the Vet pick up option)

Your pet will be treated as a beloved member of your family with respect and dignity.

For a Viewing cremation – When you bring your pet – If you decide to have a viewing – we can keep your pet (under cold conditions) while together we will decide on which day this should take place (viewing cremations are performed in the mornings ) sometimes we are able to cremate the very next day including Saturday or Sunday – (if the machine has not already been booked,) Or if you know when unfortunately your pet will no longer be with us it is best to book the machine at least a day or two or longer ahead of time will ensure that the cremation will be performed on the exact day that you arrange.

You will witness your pet actually be put into the machine and are able to view that machine on camera during the whole duration of the cremation. When completed (after a few hours) take your pet home with you immediately, the fee for this process is higher.

Please NOTE that in the event of a cancellation there will be a $45.00 cancellation fee – if we are not notified 12 hours before the appointment.




I’ve had to utilize this service twice unfortunately, for the passing of my 20 yo cat and the traumatic and unexpected passing of my 3 yo cat. Both times the owner was so sweet and compassionate, and the process was quicker than anticipated. Not to mention it’s very affordable, I forget the exact price, but I believe I didn’t pay more than $150 both times. That includes your sweetheart’s ashes, a cute case for it, as well as a frame with their paw print and fur. I will always recommend this service to everyone I know who is going through the hardship of losing a beloved companion.

Carolyn M.

Losing my dog, my companion of 10years, my heart was very devastating but from the moment I called to the moment I walked into this place, Allen and his staff were very sweet, compassionate and sympathetic. They made this process very easy and smooth for me. I appreciate you all so very much. Received my baby’s ashes the next day in a beautiful urn, a paw print and a lock of his hair in a frame, a beautiful rainbow bridge card and his death certificate. Thank you so much.

Alex B.

Our pug of 16 plus years passed away on the late afternoon of July 20. I called Compassionate Pet Cremation after they were closed for the day but Albert answered the phone and we agreed to drop her off on the morning of the 21st. On the morning of the 23rd Albert called to say our pug was ready to come home. They were great in helping keep the memories of our pug.

D H.

Always professional and caring. Unfortunately, needed the services for my own pets and also helped take my friends' pets here. Respectful and caring in such a difficult time. They acknowledge your grief and pain and let you take as much time as you need to say your goodbyes. Very reasonably priced. Thank you!

Brittney T.

Alan has taken care of my dogs since he opened. There is no one else I trust more than him to do a beautiful job. His paw print memorials are able to be touched and make you feel a little closer to your animal baby again. He always treats us with compassion and empathy. Alan is a wonderful human and I am glad he is in this business. His staff have been just as kind as him. If you have lost an animal you loved dearly, there is no better hands to handle their remains.
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